In a Galaxy .. - Cotton Lycra

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 This gorgeous print is now available on Hey Bunny Dyes PUL and Cotton Lycra. These are all limited edition prints- with no guarantee they will be run again.


COMPOSITION: 95% COTTON / 5% LYCRA (4 Way stretch)

WIDTH: 145-150cm

GSM/WEIGHT: 220 gsm




PUL stands for Polyurethane Laminate, which is a laminated water-resistant fabric often used in making reusable nappies, wet bags, breast pads, change mats and other products the require a water-resistant layer.

This PUL has OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification, so it is free from harmful chemicals and is safe for human and pet use!

COMPOSITION: 100 % Polyester (4 Way stretch)

WIDTH: 145-150cm

GSM/WEIGHT: 180-200 gsm


Flaws & Imperfections

Please note that sometimes a small flaw may appear. We do our best to catch them. Any flaws on the edges up to 10cms are not classified as flaws. Some may be missed. As the fabric is digital, printed, small flakes may appear. If anything is bigger than a 5cm please contact us and we can fix it.  
The end sides of the Cotton Lycra may be stretched due to the nature of printing and fabric type. 

We offer refunds on faulty items. However, we do not refund on, change of mind items. We can not refund any item that has been washed or cut.


Flaws & Imperfections

Please note: that whilst PUL can be laundered on a 90°C wash and tumble dried, we do not recommend that you do so as it may not immediately affect the fabric, but will deteriorate its integrity and shorten its lifespan. We advise laundering at 60°C.

Please note: due to the manufacturing process of this product, there may be a residual overhang of laminate attached to edges or excess laminate not bonded close to the selvedge. This should not affect the overall use of this fabric and should simply be removed and discarded prior to use.

Hey Bunny Original does not regard this to be a fabric fault and will not be treated as such.

Care Instructions

We recommend washing Cotton Lycra fabric on a warm/cold wash and either air drying or with a cool or warm setting on your dryer. We also recommend using a colour catcher in your wash and washing with like colours.
Swim Fabric should be rinsed with cold water and hung to dry straight after use, especially after contact with chlorine or sunscreen. We do not recommend wringing the fabric out as it can damage the fibres.

Out PUL fabric can be washed at 60 degrees, with a warm to low tumble dry.

Sold per 0.5m ( 50cm )

Quantity 1 unit = 50cm x width of fabric 

Quantity 2 unit = 100cm x width of fabric 

Quantity 3 unit = 150cm x width of fabric 

Quantity 4 unit = 200cm x width of fabric 

Multiple units will be cut in a continuous length when possible. If a continuous run is not possible, we will contact you prior to sending your order.

International shipping is available for all purchases.